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Dwaine Woolley

19 giorni fa

I cooked Ginataang Gulay for my Aussie family! Lasang Tae daw sabi ni papa haha! WANT TO LEARN TAGALOG and BISAYA?
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Dahlia Yokokawa
Dahlia Yokokawa 16 ore fa
add ginger!😅
Idoresa Hudson
Idoresa Hudson 3 giorni fa
I’m glad your parents liked the ginataang gulay. I love your Aussie family as they are very open in trying new things. Sana all! 😊
Farida Mastura
Farida Mastura 4 giorni fa
Always watching your video old and new...Lalo na c nitro pabibe...sarap kurutin at halikan...❤
Farida Mastura
Farida Mastura 4 giorni fa
Nakakatuwa c dwaine he is soo humble guy😍Naintindihan ko naman c shanta kac may mga pamankin din akong ganun mas gusto mag linis kaysa magluto.Ako gusto ko magluto ayokong mag linis😃😃😃...
Lian Fernandez
Lian Fernandez 5 giorni fa
Tama old subcriber understand you shanta dont mind what they say shanta
Be Positive Channel
Be Positive Channel 5 giorni fa
Ang gusto ko sa ginataan yung madaming gata mas masarap may sili. Nakakamiss mag gata
Gloanne Bueno
Gloanne Bueno 6 giorni fa
That’s what i expected Wifey should know how to cook ALWAYS!
ralf regor ranes
ralf regor ranes 8 giorni fa
ok lang yan maam sir bayaan nyu nalang yan mga negative comments ng iba... mga walang magawa sa buhay lang yan kaya sila ganyan ahaha keep it up lang po and godbless sainyu😊♥️
Hana Sakura
Hana Sakura 10 giorni fa
Dwaine wag na kayong mag try ng cooking ni shanta 😂 Uso naman Uber eats and Food Delivery kahit everyday afford nyo naman ganun life styles 🚚 🍳
Harold Dinoso official
Harold Dinoso official 10 giorni fa
Pa subscribe po Harold Dinoso official thanks God bless you ma'am sir
Prosy birondo-servida
Prosy birondo-servida 11 giorni fa
Dwaine, just peace of advice... DO NOT CUT VEGETABLES IN THE SAME CUTTING BOARD WHERE U CUT THE CHICKEN! Or, any meat! So, U DONT GET SALMONELLA! Second, when u are cooking GINATAAN VEGGIES with CHICKEN...u should sauté the garlic first until golden brown. Then, add the the onions, fresh ginger (to add flavor to the gata), and Chicken iuntil the chicken blood has turned brown! Then, add PATIS or SALT, ground pepper, garlic powder. That way, it will not be “‘MALANGSA”’. When Chicken has turned brown or halfway cooked...Then, ADD Atleast 2 cans of COCONUT MILK ( more coconut milk the better for great tasting). Let it boil in Medium heat, for atleast 20 minutes and stirring it constantly (to avoid burning the chicken and coconut milk). Add the KALABASA, stir it, then, put fire in low heat . Then, u could add 1 cup of hot water, let it boil for 5 minutes...then, put it in simmer for another 5 minutes! (It depends how big u cut your kalabasa!!). Bigger cuts is better...because SQUASH tends to melts a bit!! The last veggies u could ADD are the string beans and pechay! Because, these veggies are easy to cook! U DONT WANT YOUR STRING BEANS and PECHAY TO OVERCOOK! Then, turn off fire! Optional only: If u have Atleast 1 cup of leftover gata...add it in the pot! It would taste better because u could taste the coconut milk flavor in it! Happy cooking! 😘😘😘
M A 12 giorni fa
Why so defensive @shantawooley. You shoud feel embarass that your husband was the one whose putting some effort to cook even if its failed. At least he tried. Unlike you who doesnt even bother at all. Even just a simple soup for your kid, you cant even cook
Ly Naz
Ly Naz 12 giorni fa
Yun Shanta na puro Pabebe lan 🙄😝bwaaaah
Joy Tubb
Joy Tubb 12 giorni fa
Masarap Po sa kalabasa at sitaw pag ginataan yung sahog sea food like crab or prawns mas malasa try niyo,,,
Marj Tanlawan
Marj Tanlawan 12 giorni fa
Your mom looks scared of ginataan gulay🤣
jen berte
jen berte 12 giorni fa
dapat sitaw muna bago kalabasa kc madali maluto ang kalabasa lol
Mrs.Beddoes 12 giorni fa
Ms shanta nextime try to boiled fresh veggies like carrots,broccoli and cauliflower also salmon porridge para may protein naman si nitro it’s good for him napaka healthy at madali lang lutoin. If wala ka po time bili ka ng pressure cooker na pwede magluto kahit ano lalo na para kay nitro promise easy life lang di mo na kailangan bantayan kasi may timer naman yon.
Ly Naz
Ly Naz 12 giorni fa
Bibili lan si waray shanta ng naka pack ayaw nyan mag luto 🙄 tamad sya at walang effort
Rizalde Pe
Rizalde Pe 13 giorni fa
Did your dad say LASANG TAE?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Im dead He's brilliant he can speak tagalog so well😍😍😍 love to see the transformation of Cute baby Nitro such an adorable baby boy the way he smiles is priceless.
Ana Blink
Ana Blink 13 giorni fa
baka ibalik ka sa pinas mrs shanta , kasi hindi ka marunong magluto..😜
Ana Blink
Ana Blink 13 giorni fa
ang hirap ng buhay pag hindi magluto ang mrs..kailan ka matuto magluto?
Ulydanrick La
Ulydanrick La 13 giorni fa
Good job Dwayne! 💪. Kakatuwang manood sa pusong Pinoy like you..And how supported you were at Shanta. Shanta, sorry to say that I felt so bad for you in the background. You keeps telling Dwayne and trying to teach Dwayne the techniques but failed. And you really tried so hard to justify yourself. But you already admitted, you didn’t know how to cook coz of piano. Sometimes better for us to be humble and silent. Don’t expect any complimentary from other people. Time for you to grow up as a wife and mother I guess, learn how to cook, take advantage the moment while you’re there in Australia. Your in laws are great. Being a Pinay, should always proud to show how their son are lucky to have you by taking good care of them as well by simple way of cooking ( follow ITpost easy recipes). After you touched the garlic, you went to Nitro and touched him without washing your hands, means contaminated. It’ time to accept and take what people’ negatives comments as inspiration and in positive way. They are not “bashers”. they just trying to be honest. Being a public figure, they witnessed since you started to be a Vlogger until Nitro born. Don’t consider me as your basher. I used to like your video. Guess someone just need to be real or genuine and take you to reality. You don’t have to do this to anybody but yourself. One more thing, I unsubscribed your Vlog coz I want to avoid to give you a negative comment that time esp how you take care Nitro. After I watched the episode that Nitro was standing and was holding the crib rail. I was expecting from you to ran and get him but you opened the blinds instead. Since Nitro born, you struggled very much even Dwayne cried in public. You hired a professional sleep trainer that’ why you reached the goal. Time is gold, learn how to manage the time between vlog and family. Please, I’m not your basher, just want you to realize to step back and be humble. Stop na magbuhat ng banko ika nga. Otherwise, mas madami pa ang magiging bashers mo than lovers. Goodluck Shanta, you know what’ in the Bible Verse: Mateo 5:43-44 “Narinig ninyong sinabi, ‘Ibigin mo ang iyong kapwa at kamuhian mo ang iyong kaaway.’ Ngunit ito naman ang sinasabi ko, ibigin ninyo ang inyong mga kaaway at ipanalangin ninyo ang mga umuusig sa inyo Kawikaan 19:14 Bahay at mga kayamanan ay minamana sa mga magulang: nguni't ang mabait na asawa ay galing sa Panginoon. That’ why God gave you Dwayne and should be grateful and thankful. You’re one of the blessed wife Shanta. God Bless 🙏 Learn how to cook. Time for Nitro to eat finger foods Shanta ( fresh fruits and boiled /steamed veggies, for his motor skills as well). Trial and error makes it perfect. Why don’t you do Live cooking Vlog? You might gain to many supporters and share the fragrance of their knowledge of cooking. I’ll be one to support you 💪
Tom Giorno fa
HIndi nga makasuklay ng buhok mag luluto pa kaya.
M A 11 giorni fa
Well said!! Stop saying excuses. You need to learned and start to grow. Stop acting pabebe and pa cute. Tanda mo na. Yun sinasabi mo na you were trained to play piano thats why you were not able to learned how to cook, the the most petty excuses i heard. Lot of individual who were more professional than you. More busier than you. Working mum and housewife but can still manage to cook for their children. You keep on feeding your child with that ready to eat meal. You should be the one who should prepare food for your child. D mo na nga malutuan asawa mo. Do it for your child.
Shella San joaquin
Shella San joaquin 13 giorni fa
Hi baby nitro sorry baby late n aq ulit nkanood ng vlog nyo,...😘😘😘
Haydee Suarez
Haydee Suarez 14 giorni fa
i will teach u how to cook ginaang gulay shantan
Dina Virtudazo
Dina Virtudazo 14 giorni fa
Dwaine dapat last elagay mo yong coconut 🥥 🤣🤣 lagyan mo lang ng konting tubig para maluto yong gulay,hindi naba kayo babalik sa pilipinas?shanta?malaki na si nitro
leah lirio
leah lirio 14 giorni fa
Nonette Ann Nazario
Nonette Ann Nazario 14 giorni fa
Watch how to cook viand a lot of menu you can try eventually you will learn how to cook
Raquel Floeter
Raquel Floeter 14 giorni fa
I’m so proud of you , Dwaine you knows how to cook ginataang gulay. Watching you from Michigan, USA.
Gloria Guffey
Gloria Guffey 14 giorni fa
Actually cooking is so easy. But it takes time Dwayne.. Experienced makes it perfect. Just start with oil .onion and garlic
Mirigen Balingkit
Mirigen Balingkit 14 giorni fa
Hi good day DWANTRO 👪 family.❤Good job 👍👏Dwayne.Don't you worry 😟 mommy Shanta malalaman mo rin iyan kung paano magluluto.All you have to do is to take care of baby👶 NITRO and also to your husband.Ang pogi gwapo talaga ni baby nitro.😀God bless to the family stay safe and healthy. # solid supporter here 💪👊❤ #SOLID VISAYANG DAKU #from BOHOL
Nelson Banez
Nelson Banez 14 giorni fa
Para mawala yong langsa ng manok ilaga muna sa luya or karning maango ilaga sa luya nawawala yong amoy nya small advice po.
Nelson Banez
Nelson Banez 14 giorni fa
Kong may Lemmon grass dyan sa Australia lagyan mo at luya para mabango ang gulay...
allene gorospe
allene gorospe 14 giorni fa
Ibabad mo lang sa tubig ang garlic madali na alisin ang balat .
hteb Martinez
hteb Martinez 14 giorni fa
AMG Food Channel
AMG Food Channel 14 giorni fa
Kamukha sa lolo ang bata cute 🥰
idrisplayz moka 1203894
idrisplayz moka 1203894 15 giorni fa
shanta is the opposite of rhaze.
jen berte
jen berte 12 giorni fa
parehong pabebe hahaha
Shawera Adil
Shawera Adil 15 giorni fa
Kailangan talaga kapag mag aasawa na ang tao marunong sa lahat Mayaman man oh Mahirap yan kasi ang obligation bilang isang asawa.
Diana De Vera
Diana De Vera 15 giorni fa
Hello dwantro .hello baby nitro ur so cute & super pogi .God bless s family nyo
Bernard Cansana
Bernard Cansana 15 giorni fa
Ano lasa ng tae hehe. I know the smell but not the taste hehehe
Jhumel Vega
Jhumel Vega 15 giorni fa
Bakit nakakain na ba xla ng tae ahahahahah
Naomi Galon
Naomi Galon 15 giorni fa
Hahaha natawa ako ni shanta PA belive sa sarili tinawagan Lang ni dwen dipa makaya ang kutsilyo.hahaha natawa ako sa lasang Tae silly lolo
Naomi Galon
Naomi Galon 15 giorni fa
Hahaha baliktad na ang Ibang kalahi na nag luto NG pinoy na pagkain hehehe Dyan mo malaman gaano kamahal si shanta ni dwen. Love it...
newman era
newman era 15 giorni fa
New subscriber here , love ginataan , my channel din Po ako Wala pang videos Kasi Wala pa along pang edit 😂😂😂😂 dami ko Ng videos na nagawa
M.K. H.
M.K. H. 15 giorni fa
Ang galing!!
Angelic Licudine
Angelic Licudine 15 giorni fa
Hi mommy shanta ♥️ ngayon lang nakanood ng channel nio .. i glad to say that you're so very kind . Wag nio nalang po pansinin mga taong walang gustong gawin ay ang sumita ng ibang buhay . 👍😁😁 As long na nakakabuti po sa anak nio . Ipagpatuloy nio lang pi
Maui Ramirez
Maui Ramirez 15 giorni fa
Kalabasa n chicken can't be together
Mary Beverly Cez Sabusap
Mary Beverly Cez Sabusap 15 giorni fa
Akala ko na fail d🤣😂 ok nmn Ung luto..mukhang masarap..🤤
MARLON SORE 15 giorni fa
Hahaha grabi si father lasang tae Dw hahaha Dami ko tawa doon
MARLON SORE 15 giorni fa
Favorite ko kaya yan Sarap nmn nyan
Ilayski Vlog
Ilayski Vlog 15 giorni fa
Hahahaha lasang tae daw sb g inyong Dad tinuruan kasi yan tuloy😂😂👍godbless you all beautiful family🥰❤🙏
monichay123 15 giorni fa
Mas masarap meron ginger at sili
Jade Jayawon
Jade Jayawon 15 giorni fa
Dios Miyo grabi tawa ko sa tatay mo Dwen, hahaha tama nga lasang tae pero masarap. 🤣💪💪💪
motivity 16 giorni fa
Have you ever tasted TAE? HAHAHA
Nanay Luisa
Nanay Luisa 16 giorni fa
watching from Sydney Australia..
manelyn martinico
manelyn martinico 16 giorni fa
haha so cute baby nitro....
Talky yellow Mc
Talky yellow Mc 16 giorni fa
Healthy po talaga ng Ginataang gulay! Much healthier pag di ginigisa. You will be expert on that soon!
Kristine lee gamboa
Kristine lee gamboa 16 giorni fa
Kng ayaw mo makatangap po ng negative comment. Po closed ur comment section kasi d lahat ng tao maintindihan ang batasan u po
えちご やまりな や
えちご やまりな や 16 giorni fa
haha tawa ko dun ahh
Myran Cerafica
Myran Cerafica 16 giorni fa
Ur mom is pretty dwaine
Rosario Gono
Rosario Gono 16 giorni fa
Saan ba kayo nakatera as Australia
두부할아버지 16 giorni fa
Mahiya ka nman gurl ikaw pa tinuturuan ng asawa mo. Kakahiya nman sa parents inlaw mo. Mag effort ka hndi ung puro pabebe yan ginagawa mo. Tanda mo na eh, matanda kpa sa asawa mo.
Manuela Catan
Manuela Catan 16 giorni fa
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 16 giorni fa
Hahahaha, XD Where is he learning those words from?
Analyn Millama
Analyn Millama 16 giorni fa
Wow nice learn how to Cook filipino dish 😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰
Mary's Vlogs
Mary's Vlogs 16 giorni fa
Your dad is funny Dwaine Lasang Tae daw ha ha ha
Lilia Rote
Lilia Rote 16 giorni fa
ok lang yan matuto ka ring magluto... kaparis ka ng anak ko 3 sila may kanya kanyang work ... ngayon nag asawa na nag aaral ng pagluto
Hindi kc bagay igat an ang pechay
Jen Ny
Jen Ny 16 giorni fa
Fav yan ng asawa ko ang ginataan gulay. We put crab meat instead of chicken. For sure sarap yan Dwaine.
Jen Ny
Jen Ny 16 giorni fa
Shanta okay lng yan. Matututo ka din at soon mproud ka ipatikim sa knila luto mo. Keep on practising.
va p
va p 16 giorni fa
Nakikialam pa si shanta sa paghihiwa nagpapansin lang sya kunwari marunong iiwan din pala nya paghiwa di na lang pakainin ang anak.
Ly Naz
Ly Naz 13 giorni fa
@va p true puro Pera lam nasa Isip ni shanta kung pano sya kikita 🤷🙄ala nmn alam instead na mag effort matuto ayaw nya 😝 hahaha mas Gusto nya lan Matulog at Kumain tlga Tamad 🏭
va p
va p 14 giorni fa
Pati nga sa likod ng kotse iniiwan ang anak nya inuuna pa ang kumita sila sa vlog nila kesa samahan ang anak sa kotse delikado ang aksidente di mo.masasabi wala pang isang taon anak nila.
Ly Naz
Ly Naz 15 giorni fa
Pinakain yun anak nya everyday naka pack lan 🤡🙄🤤 kawawang Nitro
Jen Ny
Jen Ny 16 giorni fa
Hi Dwanta Fam. Been cooking that dito sa Aus din..try to use Knorr Ginataan gulay nabibili sa asin store.. Masarap din po yun.
Annabel Tingson
Annabel Tingson 16 giorni fa
Go lng shanta pakita mo sa knla na marunong ka mgluto.
Remy Paulin
Remy Paulin 16 giorni fa
Hindi dapat manok nilagay mo.dapat daing or dried fish.yan pansahog s gatang gulay
creepy things
creepy things 16 giorni fa
Mommy shanta move on sa mga bashers...hayaan mo sila...🥰🥰🥰
Ness Nala
Ness Nala 16 giorni fa
Try you tube recipe next time.. but nice try 👍🏼
Rhodora Dagohoy
Rhodora Dagohoy 16 giorni fa
Hi nitro
Joyce Rabadon
Joyce Rabadon 16 giorni fa
Ate Shanta😊 you're so beautiful po🥰
Agnes Macasibang
Agnes Macasibang 16 giorni fa
Maganda yan sa katawan gulay ginataan sarap .nitro iiyak cia kustong sumali sa vlog nyo. 👍👍👍 watching u kuwait keep safe
Mark Me
Mark Me 16 giorni fa
Lasa nakakakabado san matilaw na sinda🤣
Archi Cabz
Archi Cabz 16 giorni fa
😂😂😂plabiro c grandpa😂😂😂
Elena Tanabe
Elena Tanabe 16 giorni fa
why dont you just go along wth ur husbands cooking kinokontra mo kaya marami kang negative comments
reymon vlogTV Fernandez
reymon vlogTV Fernandez 16 giorni fa
Helow mga ladi stay safe godbles✌❤
Arlene Jover
Arlene Jover 16 giorni fa
Your family Dwane are awesome and your dad is funny
Arlene Jover
Arlene Jover 16 giorni fa
You missed the ginger
Luz Mananguite
Luz Mananguite 16 giorni fa
Hello! I love dwantro fam👪 cutie nitro😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰
Gigi and Lyka Vlogs
Gigi and Lyka Vlogs 16 giorni fa
Wow galing mag luto hanga nman ako ohh sarap..
Rebecca Tangente
Rebecca Tangente 16 giorni fa
Mas masarap yan kong leaves ng Chilli at may aroma sya not pechay
Meda Paguntalan-Rizea
Meda Paguntalan-Rizea 16 giorni fa
Si Nitro parang sanay na sanay na sa vlogging hahaha super cute 😍
Edna Resurrecion
Edna Resurrecion 16 giorni fa
Ikaw din nagsabi sa previous vlog mo na hindi ka marunong ka marunong magluto tapos ngayon nagdedeny ka
BOHOLANA GAMAY 16 giorni fa
whaaaaww ntwa k0 cnbi lasang tae
Jurich Blair Osumo
Jurich Blair Osumo 16 giorni fa
nice cook idol...
Lourdes Acar Engracio
Lourdes Acar Engracio 16 giorni fa
Más OK if pork ang sahog instead of chicken. Madami choices how to cook ginataan. Watch on ITpost 😲 but your Dad seems likes your menu. And also Nitro with her Lola 🤗
proudpinay 16 giorni fa
Gosh I miss ginataang gulay!
Rosalinda Dimaano
Rosalinda Dimaano 16 giorni fa
Wow sarappppp👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jeanie Gonzales
Jeanie Gonzales 16 giorni fa
Your dad is naughty and cool just like my dad❤️. God bless you all.
Lolita Sarmiento
Lolita Sarmiento 17 giorni fa
Bigla tlaga ako natawa as in d lng tawa halakhak tlaga sa sinabing LASANG TAE funny dn pla c daddy mo ang cute lng
JOYFUL JH 17 giorni fa
Good job dwaine! Such a responsible man! 👍🏻
Marjorie Araneta
Marjorie Araneta 17 giorni fa
Ahahahah lasang Tae.. savage ..
april jude Reyes
april jude Reyes 17 giorni fa
good job tring to cook ginataang gulay Dwaine. Thing is you put the gata too early.
Merly Enfante
Merly Enfante 17 giorni fa
Hahaha grandpa funny 😆
Shane marie delos reyes
Shane marie delos reyes 17 giorni fa
Ksi ako Rin dto naglultooo ng sometimes ng food dto gstong gsto ng Kuwaiti kng among lalaki
Dwaine Woolley
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